Anger is like a kitchen appliance

Anger is like a kitchen appliance

Anger is a fun thing Check it is not ... We tend to want to cover it up, how we cover up some body parts.

Do not let your anger show.

Many people are afraid of anger theirs and others. Some people use their anger as a weapon; or at least one bargaining tool. Many people have their anger hide it and keep it safe. Keep it hidden. Just bring it out as necessary.

Many use it as motivation. Or as a substitute for inspiration.

One thing is safe. We all seem to have an abundance of it. Even those who claim they have no anger usually sit on a MOUNTAIN of oppressed anger.

No matter what category you are in, the question remains:

How should I control this anger?

You may want to go back a little and ask:

Is it even possible to control my anger?

Yes. And no.

Keeping angry inside is like putting a pressure cooker on the stove and turning on the heat. For a while you can keep all the beans inside. Awhile. But sooner or later something has to be given. Something must happen with that pressure.

One thing that happens often is that we continue to find ourselves in situations where other people seem to make us angry. We truly believe that we undoubtedly have external influences to create anger or other feelings within us.

We could also pass a light sensor test by saying:

They make me angry!

Because we have for a long time forgotten the original circumstances that hit the stove. And we do not realize weve had the pressure cooker that goes since we were children.

All we know is somebody doing something and were left and feel angry. It is easy to conclude the particular situation we are seeing today is the source of the anger we know inside. Because we are angry right now!

You know the little regulator that sits on top of the lid of a pressure cooker? The scientific name for it is jiggler. You touch it and it releases a small print. It hurts and spins on you.

We hear that little noise, and we close the person who touched the jiggel is responsible for the pressure in us. And they would be if it was their juggler who sat on top of his pressure cooker on his stove in the kitchen.

But it is not.

Without a doubt, they have their own pressure cooker on the inside of them. No matter how sweet and innocent they appear to be on the outside. However, that is not your problem.

Because you have your own print to deal with. One way is to blame the infinite parade of people and circumstances that are making you angry.

Hi! Im trying to control my anger here! Why are you angry with me?

But you should thank them instead of blaming them. They help you to free up the pressure you have inside.

There is a way to control your anger. Let other brush up against your jiggles. Of course, it will never solve the problem. And you want the parade to handle. A parade that never ends.

Pooh! It will be old! Maybe it already has.

Perhaps you want to try a new approach.

Why do not you feel that you have a pressure cooker of anger inside yourself? Just like virtually all people on this planet. Let it be real. Let it be okay. You are not bad and wrong because you are a human being.

Then accept that it is YOUR. Its your jiggles sitting on top of your pressure cooker on your stove in your kitchen. Do not pretend to belong to anyone else. If you do, give away your power, along with your ability to do something about it.

In other words, if you do not take responsibility for your anger, you can expect things to continue as they are. Or more likely it will get worse. Rinse has a way to do it.

If you accept your pressure cooker, you can take care of the business to do something about it. Just like relieving the pressure, at first.

Heres one way:

Take out pen and paper and start typing angry letters. Write down all the things that make you angry. To all the people who make you angry. Not as a way for them to get it. Its your anger, remember?

But as a way to ease your own pressure. So you may feel better. Calmer. More able to handle these people and circumstances.

These are not letters you send or show to anyone. They are strict for your own private benefit. As a way to bleed away the anger that is slowly built inside you right now. Its a way to safely handle your anger so it does not hurt you or anyone else.

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